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Dr. Zachary Kucharek, DPT


“If I can help even one person through content on this website change their financial life for the better… I will be ecstatic beyond measure and all this work will be worth it.”

I want to start everything out by saying thank you for coming, you are the reason I put so much time and effort into building this site, I want to help you like I was helped so much  already along my financial journey. I have had my fair share of struggles with fighting to get out of debt, losing sleep over thinking of how on earth I am going to pay it back, and trying to remain focused and hopeful during that process. 
I am not and no not claim to be a financial expert, as I have had no formal training and am not an accountant or certified financial planner. However, I have been through it, I understand what it is like to be buried in debt, the psychological and lifestyle impact of negative net worth, wondering how I supposed to build wealth, and trying to put the little money I am able to save at times in the best possible place to grow. I may not have a degree in finance, but I research and study those who do have degrees and have learned a significant amount by just doing it myself as well. I want to pass those things along to you, if something has helped me I want that same strategy or tip to help you move forward.

why make a blog?

I grew up with a very hard working mother who also had that built in saving desire like myself and  a hard working father who was a construction small business owner. My mother would give us our weekly allowance, and as a part of this would hand us the money as we stood by two jars with our names on them. One of the jars was short term savings and the other was long term savings. We had to put a portion into long term savings each time and then the other would be split up between short term savings and spending money. From there, at early point in my life, I began to see the power of saving and it taught me to be frugal with my purchases. If I wanted a toy of any sort I had a finite amount of funds to pull this from and I really had to think, which surely stuck with me, so thank you Mom! Personal Finance was something that truly sparked my interest when I learned of it as I got out into the working world, and has continued to grow quickly as a passion of mine since that time.

went to a small high school. I then went to college at Central Michigan University
receiving my Bachelors of Science in Biology with a Psychology minor. I greatly
enjoyed my time at this school and I worked through school as a College Intern
Co-op in a Toxicology Biology lab at Dow Chemical. With funds from this job I
payed for all of my rent, gas, groceries, other living expenses, and any fun
activities purely with funds from this job through undergrad, meanwhile taking
out student loans for all of my tuition.
and we are already talking a mountain of a payment upon graduating. In three
years I graduated from the program ready to treat patients as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

Years ago, I found myself enamored with Personal Finance, this possibly came along due to my realization of my personal finances at the time, which I will talk about below… Whew. Anyway, I am constantly researching the best ways to deal with different financial situations that have come up in my life since that time. Along the way I learned more and more, and the passion continues to grow as my knowledge has. My interest in the subject has become quite noticeable causing friends to inquire and ask me for advice at times with their finances. It was then, when seeing how much helping other people accelerated their position in their own personal finances and future, that I wanted to help as many people as I could. I then thought about creating a website, and felt the desire to create a platform to share with other individuals. That led me here to create this site, hopefully with some useful information to lead to changes and an improved financial future for you!

My Story

My name is Zachary and I am loving life living in Michigan; enjoying the great
outdoors beautiful summers and frigid winters. I grew up in a small town and I then decided to continue my education as planned shortly after graduating, I started my Doctoral program at Central Michigan University for Doctor of Physical Therapy. This was a goal that I had been striving for in my education for some time, furthermore at the top school for this program in the state. At the time, the reality of student loans was not in the forefront for me and I did not realize the gravity of the decision.  The base tuition for this program was 75k and that is without interest and fees building. Then add my undergrad student loans to this amount

As I began working with six figure student loan debt I quickly realized how serious this student debt was, as well as how severely it was effecting my income. I knew I had to figure out how to properly attack this head on and learned a lot of things through this about finance the hard way. But hey, learning is learning, just sometimes it is much more expensive learning than other. I have since then made significant changes to how I live my life and how I control my money and make my income work for me. Since making changes which all have come with strenuous research and thought I have seen massive improvements in my situation and want to pass everything I have learned and continued to learn along with others. If I can help even a single person through content on this website and change their financial life for the better… I will truly be ecstatic beyond measure and all this work will be worth it.
I hope this passion project pays off, and that you as readers enjoy the content. I am always open to hear from anyone about their journey, answer any questions you may have about me or personal finance, and I am open to hear other views and learn from you as well. I am open minded and as stated before I am always willing to learn. Thank you guys. Enjoy and help others.
Zachary K.

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    So how are you coming along with your student debt? Have you been able to implement any strategies in paying it off any quicker?

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