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Make Personal Finance Simple

Here are some general behavior tips that are simple and free to take action on today, that you can reap benefits from as you continue to practice them. Changing financial behavior can be a solid first step on a long path towards wealth!

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How to Calculate Net Worth and Use to Track Progress

This article explains how to simply Calculate Net Worth and use this metric as a simple yet dynamic way to track your financial progress. Net Worth is talked about a lot but rarely tracked, lets change that.

New Blog typing

New Blog Fears and Goals

Read more into the fears I have starting a new blog, that relates to starting anything new. Then see some of the main goals driving me to start a blog on personal finance.

Black Friday Sign

Black Friday Payment Plans: Just Say No

Lets take an in depth look at how to look at payment plans in a new way that shows how much they could cost you in the long run. Also some tips to help you take advantage of the deals on Black Friday safely!

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Why I love my Vanguard Roth IRA

Read here to see why I chose to invest for my retirement with Vanguard. This company is great to its investors and is popular for a reason. Vanguard holds some of the best index funds around for you to select within your account.